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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Hello, my name is Keegan O'Connell I am a grade nine student. I enjoy many different sports and have been a member of the boys soccer and basketball team this school year. I also play hockey and softball, swimming and fishing at the camp and hunting during the winter months. My family consists of my parents, two sister and two brothers. We live in a small fishing community. In grades 6, 7 and 8 I received the math award for highest average as well as science in 8 and have been an honors student every year. I enjoy school and love to learn new things. At the age of two I was aided with two hearing aids and by age ten, received a cochlear implant. This has presented some challenges but I have not let it stop me from achieving my goals. Sciences have always interested me but I'm still undecided what career path I plan on choosing.

Keegan O'Connell

Les Algues : l'avenir de l'essence
City:Yarmouth, NS
School:Yarmouth Junior High School
Abstract:The purpose of the project was to grow algae to use waste disposal and produce a biofuel as a source of enegy. I tried to find out how algae can be grown quickly and easily from different sources. To obtain the results, I tried different temperatures, lightings, fertilizers and movements. The best results are found in the pond sample and the two strains I obtained.