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ESPC 2011 - Toronto (Ontario)

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I've always been interested in science and engineering stuff. I'm currently in French Immersion and always have been but I know how to speak English too. I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I like designing stuff and building it out of Lego. I'm currently working on a B-17 "Flying Fortess (a WWII bomber)." I've built 4 models that you have to glue and paint and one you don't. I've particpated in my Divisional Science Fair 4 times including this year's fair. I've got gold each time. I've had a lot of nose bleeds and this might sound weird, but I REALLY don't like to see ACTUAL blood(like video games are ok, though). Oh yeah, make sure you guys have tons of paper on hand and a pen (not a pencil just in case there's not a sharpener around) because when I'm bored, I NEED to draw(trust me, I DON'T waste paper when I draw stuff!!XD)

Jude Braun

A Study of Warm Mix Asphalt
Région:St. James-Assiniboia
Ville:Winnipeg, MB
École:Golden Gate Middle School
Sommaire:This project is a study of the resiliency of warm mix asphalt (WMA). Paved roads use hot mix asphalt (HMA) which require substantial energy. WMA introduces a catalyst chemical which reduces the temperature required for the binder to adhere to the aggregate. My study involved testing the resiliency of samples of WMA after exposing them to a freeze-thaw cycle and comparing the results to HMA.