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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Gavin Raddall and I was born in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, on February 27, 1996. I have lived in this scenic, coastal community for fifteen years and have embraced the phenomenal culture it has to offer. I attend South Queen's Junior High School (SQJHS) which accommodates approximately three hundred students. SQJHS offers remarkable extra-curricular programs, many of which I participate in. My school activities include badminton, soccer, golf, cross-country running, hockey, ping pong, track and field, drama and Call to Remembrance. I have also had the honour of sitting on several committees, most notably, Student Advisory Council (SAC) and Student Council. Outside of school, I enjoy sailing, skiing, and playing tennis. I also enjoy studying my family's genealogy which consists of Danish, French, Dutch and German cultures. I hope to pursue science either at Dalhousie and/or Acadia University and, eventually, fulfill my dream of becoming a surgeon. I have received many academic, athletic, artistic, dramatic and musical awards throughout my life, marking success and high achievement. I have traveled to various destinations in North America and Europe, exposing myself to many incredible cultures which have expanded my knowledge and appreciation for the fantastic world we live in.

Gavin Raddall

Save Your Seashells- Save The Environment
Region:South Shore
City:Liverpool, NS
School:South Queens Junior High School
Abstract:Six million used, lead-acid batteries containing sulfuric acid are disposed of each year in Canada. This experiment demonstrates how to neutralize the pH of this acid in an environmentally-friendly manner using clam or oyster shells. This is a cost-effective way to reduce the toxic waste in our environment.

Awards Value
Challenge Award - Resources
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
Excellence Award - Intermediate
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$1 000.00
Total$2 050.00