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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Eleesha - Even as a child my goals were set. At 8 I spent time trying to build robots with my father's tools instead of playing with barbies. I realized my dream of being an engineer at 12, when given an inspirational speech from a supply teacher. I am a gifted student, and decided to attend Bishop Allen Academy because of their AP program. I enjoy playing a variety of sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, softball, etc. My greatest hobbie is dancing, I am told I am good at it, and am not shy to perform. I try to be very involved in my school by joining clubs, trying to build on my leadership skills. During summers I volunteer at a local summer camp because I am very fond of kids. I maintain a very balanced life, socially and academically. My hope is that I would be accepted into Waterloo University, to fulfill my life-long goal of being an engineer.
Andrew - I have went to the chess program at elementary school. I've also played through 8 grades of the Royal Conservatory of Music. I have participated in the Pascal and Cayley math contest. I have also attended to Ukrainian Saturday school for 9 years.

Eleesha Wijeratne, Andrew Chipka

Efficient Combustion
City:Toronto, ON
School:Bishop Allen C.S.S.
Abstract:With the increasing cost of gasoline prices, a new source of fuel must be employed. Gasoline, diesel, kerosene and bio-ethanol were tested to determine which fuel is most efficient. It was concluded that the most efficient was bio-ethanol because it had the greatest change in temperature and burned the cleanest.