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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Bilal - I am a 13 year old BIG boy with BIG dreams! Science is my favorite subject and is also exhilarating because it has many wonders which you can relate to in many ways. I want to become a Surgeon or an Environmental Engineer. The reason I chose both of these careers is because I love to help other people. Surgeon's help people by saving their lives, operating on their bodies to enable them to continue to survive and live. Environmental Engineers help by saving the planet with their innovative discoveries which can help the Earth to stay alive. I am involved in the school Eco-Team, the Recycling Team, the Garbage Audit, and the “Lights off Campaign”. Also I play hockey in front of my house and in an official ball hockey league which I am always praised for my sportsmanship and humor. My house is pretty hectic because there are seven of us (four girls and three boys) and I am the second oldest so I sort of have to act like a leader and set a good example. Coming to the CWSF has been a dream come true and getting recognized here will be the highlight of my life.
Mathusan - I am just a caring and athletic boy who got inspired by special wonders of the best subject in the world science .I love science because you get a chance to show people how eco friendly you can be. My plans for the future is to become a astronaut or a construction engineer and I chose this career for my future because I want to help people that really need my help . At school I do a lot of things for example recycling team, eco team and office helper and just recently we started a campaign called the light off campaign and the point of this was to show people we can help the world by during off the lights when we really don’t need them .Also my hobbies are playing sports such as hockey and basketball. I have two brothers who sometimes get annoying but we always get along after. I also go to a program called 3t and this program is about kids who can show there sportsman ship in playing many different games such as hockey or dodge ball .

Bilal Rahaman, Mathusan Sadeeshan

Stop In The Name Levee!
City:Toronto, ON, scarborough, ON
School:Brookside Public School
Abstract:In developing countries that are affected by floods, people need an inexpensive and effective protection from floodwaters. Levees can be used to control flooding. We tested physical and water absorbing materials to determine which type is a more effective barrier. We thought absorbent materials would be the most effective type of levee. However, after conducting our experiment, we learned that physical levees worked best.