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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Chelsea - I'm Chelsea and I'm 14 years old. The school I attend is Fern Avenue P.S, and mostly what I enjoy is creating stories. I like horror movies, listening to music, and drawing plenty of unique demonic faces. I really don't have plans for the future much, since I'm trying to enjoy childhood as long as I can, but I'm very interested in languages and history of different countries. Though, one thing that I desperately want to find out is if there are other planets that have life like Earth...
Jennifer - My name is Jennifer Suwala, and my whole life started when I was born, July 12th, 1997. After this, I went through many interesting changes, some good others bad. One experience which I'll never forget is when I broke my arm (TWICE), on the monkey bars. Another is when I placed third, in a polish writing competition (which is quite surprising). Though, on the way, either if it was bad or good, I met many great friends. Currently, I attend Fern Ave. P.S. and am involved in the french extended program. I am also involved in many school clubs such as yearbook and intermediate book club. Some things that I enjoy are reading, drawing and playing the piano. I also love to watch comedies!

Chelsea Yurenya, Jennifer Suwala

Odd Food Preservers
City:Toronto, ON
School:Fern Avenue P.S.
Abstract:For our experiment, we decided to investigate if there are undiscovered ways to preserve food. We tested a variety of food, putting them under shapes for a week’s time. The results we received showed that pyramids are the best solution which could lead to developing various food packaging.