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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Nyka Grewal and I am a Grade 7 student in Toronto, Ontario. Among the many things I love to do, reading has always been my favorite. I love all books and visit the library often. I enjoy reading mysteries and fantasy, which is how I developed my Science Fair project. Last year I started a blog called ReadingQueenKiki to keep track of all the books I have read, I now have over 600 books on my blog. When I am not reading, I like to skate, Rollerblade, bike, swim and dance. I also play the piano. I enjoy math and science at school, and won both the Grade 6 Math Award and Literature Award. Last year I was involved in the Me To We club at school and helped arrange and MC events to raise money. I have also planned and arranged my own fundraising event for another charity called Ryan's Well. I have traveled a lot around the world, to visit places I have read about, like Bulgaria, England, Mexico, New York City and lots more! I hope to travel more in my future.

Nyka Grewal

Can I Make An Ostrich Fly?
City:Toronto, ON
School:King Edward PS
Abstract:This project is to show what the proposed wing span/style/shape of the ostrich would be if it was able to fly. Through the study of flight and by comparing types of flight, types of wings and proportions of body mass to wingspan, I will determine if an ostrich can fly.