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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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TianYi is a grade nine student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. A student of the TOPS program, her favourite subjects include science, and English. She enjoys learning languages, has a basic understanding of Latin and is fluent in Mandarin. At school, she is an active member of Strings, DECA, Children's Wellness Society, and is president of her class as well as Jane's Club. As a student tutor, she spends time after-school helping other students with their work. A Torontonian who loves to be involved, TianYi spends her free time playing cello, blogging, photographing, and volunteering. She writes and blogs for a local, youth-run magazine, and is a member of Toronto Youth Cabinet. Her two favourite past-times are playing the cello, and photographing. TianYi is actively involved in the sports community. As the vice-skip of her school's co-ed curling team, she enjoys the strategic element of curling. She also plays with a local team, and enjoys the fast-paced, physically demanding aspect of volleyball. After high school, TianYi looks to becoming a pharmacologist. She hopes to continue her studies in an Ivy League college, and is sincerely appreciative of the fantastic opportunity to share her ideas with the young scientists at CWSF.

Tian Yi Ma

Forget me, forget me not...
City:Toronto, ON
School:Marc Garneau Collegiate
Abstract:The purpose of this study is to investigate the nature of Alzheimer's disease. Presently postulated causes of the disease are examined, and explored. The goal of the investigation is to better understand the causes of AD, and its current, novel, and adjunctive treatment methods available today.