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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Lucas Emery, is a grade seven student at Bliss Carman Middle School in Fredericton NB. Lucas is not only on the school leadership team but is also very involved in extracurricular activities. He plays the clarinet in the school's senior band and is playing the role of Horatio in the school play, "Hamlet-Zombie Killer of Denmark". He is very active in intramural sports and is on the cross country and volleyball teams at school. Outside of school, he is involved with Army Cadets and has his bronze star in swimming.

Lucas Emery

Mop It Up
Region:River Valley
City:New Maryland, NB
School:Bliss Carman Middle School
Abstract:Mop It Up is a project to look at effective ways to clean up an oil spill. It demonstrates more productive ways to clean up an oil spill. I used many different sorbents in my experiment, and found out which sorbent withdrew the most amount of oil and the least amount of water.