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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Alannis McKee, and I am in grade nine at Moose Kerr School. I live in the remote Hamlet of Aklavik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. My community has a population of about six hundred. I reside in a hamlet far above the Arctic Circle and love partaking in all of the opportunities unique to the area. In the winter I enjoy snowmobiling, skating and Dene Games. In the summer I like to take advantage of the exceptional environment of the Northwest Territories by canoeing, swimming, hiking and involving myself in traditional activities. I enjoy participating in the events that allow me to learn new things, travel and meet new people. I have participated in the 2010 Grande Prairie Arctic Winter Games, and won three medals there. I also had another unique experience this year when I canoed the Mackenzie River for eight days! This science fair project has acted as yet another way in which I can experience different programs through academic dedication. This is my second science fair project, and first year competing in the Canada Wide Science Fair. In the future I hope to further my education in the science field and become a doctor!

Alannis Rose McKee

The Promotion Effect
City:Aklavik, NT
School:Moose Kerr School
Abstract:Promotions are intended to persuade one to take a certain action such as buying a product. These advertisements seem to affect one’s judgment but do they also affect one’s physical state? A random sample of 45 subjects was surveyed. The test group, which was shown a promotional video clip, demonstrated an increase in thirst or hunger and a greater interest in the promoted products.