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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Leanne Chan. I was born in Philippines but moved when I was 3 to New Zealand, later in 2006 I moved again to Canada. I also moved to several different schools. In my elementary school, Meadows West I received the Academic award as well as some banners for my school. My current school is Sisler High School in Winnipeg,MB. I am a grade 9 student who loves to get involved whether it deals with sports or academics. In my first year of my high school I was involved with the cross country team as well as the indoor track team. My school won the MHSAA provincial championships for Cross Country. However, my strongest skill would be in the academic field. I recently won gold, the Platinum award, the Sustainable Development award and have the opportunity to compete in the Canada-Wide Science Fair. My interest includes various things like running, biking, rock climbing to other things like baking, painting and reading. As for career wise, I hope to do something where it benefits the environment or helping others. I plan to continue with my project after the CWSF ends.

Leanne Chan

Does an Increase in Nitrate and Phosphate Affect the Growth of Algae?
Region:Winnipeg Schools
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Sisler High School
Abstract:My project is if an increase in nitrate and phosphate levels affect the growth in algae. I have 27 beakers to test which solution (nitrate, phosphate and water) from my table will affect the growth the algae the most. I used a photometer to test how much white light is being transmitted through to determine which beaker consist of the most algae.