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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I have participated in three science fairs in elementary school; however my first science fair in secondary school took place in April of 2011. In Elementary school I always made it to the regional competition for the Superior North Shore Catholic School Board. I am currently in the IB program and attend Sir Winston Churchill CVI in Thunder Bay. Some of my passions (other than science) include singing; playing the flute; public speaking; canoeing; sailing; and other out door activities. As a singer I have have competed and won many competitions; such as the Northwestern Ontario Jr. Youth Talent Search. Through singing I have also been given the opportunity of singing O' Canada for Prime Minister Stephen Harper twice. I was also chosen to attend the 2010 People To People Leadership Summit in L.A: which was a fantastic experience. Though I have many different hobbies and activities I enjoy definitely do enjoy Science; specifically biology, and chemistry. I find it so fascinating how often science can be used to help people. Currently my future plan is to become a pediatric oncologist because I would be able to use two of my passions at once: science and helping people.

Moriah Harvey

Biofouling Of Boat Hulls
Region:Northwestern Ontario
City:Nipigon, ON
School:Sir Winston Churchill C.V.I.
Abstract:This project is about biofouling on boat hulls. Three natural substances; lemon juice; alcohol; and extra-virgin olive oil, were mixed with latex paint to produce three different anti-fouling paints. In the first part of this experiment the control was simply the latex paint. Fibreglass boat hulls were painted with the mixtures and set in water to see which paint was the best anti-fouling paint.

Awards Value
Australian National Youth Science Forum Award
$2 500.00
Excellence Award - Intermediate
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$1 000.00
Total$3 800.00