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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Wilson Coyne I am fifthteen years old. My hobbies include playing video games,drawing,wrestling with my brothers and watching anime. My favorite sports are Football,Baseball,Basketball and Soccer but MMA aswell. My Career plans are to teach at a university in Native studies and my secondary career is to be a WWE Wrestler. My top achievements was winning my chance to go on the trip to toronto. My school activities are signing up for sports and but making I am currently working on making more school acivities. I have no community activities but samething making more community activities aswell to. My interests are anything I find fun and awesome to do.

Wilson Coyne

Saving the Ojibway Language
Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:Pine Falls, MB
School:Sagkeeng Consolidated School
Abstract:In this study I collected information through surveys to determine the degree of language loss in my community. The surveys also gathered information about the environments and conditions in which the remaining languae speakers learned it. The information gathered was used to design program improvements to help my school and community to bring the language back.