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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Desiree - My name is Desiree wescoup,and I'm 12 years old. I attend oscar lathlin colleigiate, currently I am in the 7 grade. I'm the daughter of charlotte whitehead and lawrence wescoup. My interest include education. Also i have a strong interest in sports such as soccer and volleyball. This year I entered the 2011 science fair held at the Oscar lathlin colleigiate school, and placed 1st over all' along with my friend jilliette linklater. Inclusion I feel that it would be an honor to represent Oscar lathlin colleigiate. Thank you Desiree
Jilliette - Hello, My name is Jillliette. I am 13 years old. I attend Oscar Lathlin Collegiate. My favourite sports are soccer and basketball. I take my sports and science seriously. I won a tournment playing basketball during March 5th, i was so proud. My hobbies are writting songs and dancing. I plan to be a Dentist when i am older. I want to be successful.

Desiree Wescoup, Jilliette Linklater

Dream Catcher
Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:opaskweyak, MB, winnipeg, MB
School:Joe A. Ross School
Abstract:We set out to investigate the Dream Catcher, a craft made by elders and traditionally hung in the rooms of children. We have heard that they catch bad dreams and give the sleeper only good dreams. We assume it's just a story, but wanted to take a scientific approach to finding out if there was anything to it, and if so, how it might work.