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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Andrew - Born in 1993, I am a first child of two of my parents. Grew up in north-western Saskatchewan with two sisters and one younger step-brother. Went to Waweyekisik Educational Centre in Waterhen Lake First Nation Reserve for elementary as well as finishing up high-school. School life was average, same amount of troubles as well the same amount of good-times with friends and the like. I remember when I was 7 years old, I was surrounded by old and broken computers, being the curious and observant individual, I started computer repair and modifications at 8 years old because of the 10 years of hands-on experience. When I was 13 years old I picked up the guitar, and studied the ins and outs, and learned music theory. Through the years, I structured a stable career choice as a result of the ingenuity and originality of my written works. Around the same year in the 7th grade, I picked up the pencil and started to render images, sketches, and doodles sourced from the adolescent mind. Ever since then I have always aspired to become an independent comic-book artist. Today, I'm an avid Metal-Head hell bent on attaining my Aspirations. Future, here I come.
Jamison - I live in Waterhen Lake First Nation Saskatchewan, I am 17 and I am in grade 10. I decided to do my project on the canoe because my science teacher gave me the idea for it, the project turned out to be brilliant and landed me the spot in the Canada Wide. I plan to add more information into my project so I will be a little more prepared for the Canada Wide. I think that whoever want's to enter the science fair to give it all they got because there will be stiff competition and to really show what they got. I am thankful I was one of the few chosen to compete in the Canada Wide, I am really honoured.

Andrew Abraham, Jamison Witchekan

Traditional Technology Surpasses Modern Technology
Region:Saskatchewan First Nations
City:Waterhen Lake, SK, Waterhen Lake First Nation, SK
School:Waweyekisik Educational Centre
Abstract:Advertisers are always touting faster and more ergonomic designed nautical craft for means of venturing water, but which designs really enable an easier ride, prove the durability of certain types of hulls, and the reliability factor concerning many designs? This project takes an informative look at the traditional uses and technology behind the Canoe design and the differences between the traditional and modern designs.