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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Mario - my name is Mario Ahenakew i lived in Ahtahkakoop all my life.I enjoy quad riding,snomobiling,biking,soccer,hockey and boxing. My favorite subjects in school are math and science because their interesting and sometimes it gives me a challenge i like challenges.I picked buoyancy because i wanted to know more about it, i knew some of it already because we were doing it in class.The advice that i give to other students is that they should do something that they are interested in and has alot of meaning and history to it.
Tristen - My name is Tristen Sasakamoose, I am from Ahtahkakoop First Nation. My favourite subjects in school are science and math. I like to play soccer and Im really good in science, I won first place at the science fair last year too. We did a subject on buoyancy in class and a experiment with Garry Sibley in Ahtahkakoop. I liked it so I told my Partner Mario about the idea and we did it. I would tell other students to believe in there project even if its just a small random project, You just gotta keep going at it and believe in yourself and your project.

Mario Ahenakew, Tristen Sasakamoose

Region:Saskatchewan First Nations
City:ahtahkakoop, SK, Sandy Lake, SK
School:Ahtahkakoop School
Abstract:We picked buoyancy because we were doing it in class and it seemed like a fun and interesting thing to do for the science fair. We carried out three completely separate experiments to try to prove or disprove some ancient laws and legends. We did not have expensive equipment but we still enjoyed the challenge.