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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Scott Sammurtok and I am from Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut located in the Canadian Arctic. I am a student at Victor Sammurtok School and I will be graduating August. I have earned 127 credits towards graduation in my 3 years of high school. I am Beneficiary under the Nunavut Lands Claims Agreement and fluent two languages; Inuktitut and English. I enjoy all the traditional Arctic activities; building igloos, fishing, hunting, and driving snowmobiles fast around town. The Qamutik is an essential piece of hunting equipment and has been used by Inuit for hundreds of years, but the overall design hasn’t changed over that period. I got the inspiration for completing my project by watching hunters travel on the land with long Qamutiks (sometimes as long as 20 feet). I thought about it for a long time and wondered if I could improve the design to decrease the amount of stress placed on the snowmobile pulling the sled. I designed and made an articulating Qamutik that disperses the force and reduces the drag on the snowmobile. My advice to anyone doing a science fair project is choose something you find interesting – it is a lot of work !

Scott Sammurtok

Articulating Qamutiq
City:Chesterfield Inlet, NU
School:Victor Sammurtok
Abstract:The Qamutik (10-20 foot long sled) is a quintessential piece of Inuit equipment while hunting and travelling in the Arctic. The design has not changed in almost 400 years, but the materials used to build it have. I have designed a new Qamutik that could revolutionize the way Inuit travel on the land; by splitting it into 3 pieces and making it versatile.