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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Deanna Sonneveld. I am 12 years old, in grade 7 and attend Samual Hearne Secondary School in Inuvik, NT. In my spare time I create and edit canine role play websites for myself and others. I also enjoy reading, and spending time with friends and family. I got my inspiration for my project based on the fact that I love to work with animals and I plan to become a veterinarian. If I were to do futher investigations on my project I would use a broader range of colours, and attempt the experiment in various light conditions. I would also use a variety of canine breeds to see if the placement of a dog's eyes has any effect on the results. The best advice I would give to another student doing a project is to pick a topic they are interested in, use their imagination, research their topic well, be creative, and make it your own!! If you have a project that you are enjoying and have full interest in, you will feel passionate about your work and it becomes more than "just another project".

Deanna Sonneveld

Dog's Eye View
City:Inuvik, NT
School:Samuel Hearne Secondary School
Abstract:New research shows that dogs have dichromatic vision, enabling them to see more than just black and white. My dog went through three trials to determine whether he could differentiate between the colours red, blue and yellow. He chose blue over yellow 84% of the time, blue over red 80% of the time, and blue over yellow and red 69% of the time.