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ESPC 2012 - Charlottetown (Ile-du-Prince-Édouard)

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I have many different hobbies, but I suppose that the most notable is creative writing. I really like thinking up fantasies and mysteries, and then expressing them on paper. One of my short fiction stories was published into the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper, and I've written many novels besides that, which are yet to be published. Other hobbies include: playing guitar, piano, and reading. In grade seven, I won the English award for my grade, and in grade six, the academic achievment award. Just recently, I got accepted into the IB programme, which I will be starting next year. After high school, I would like to go to university to study engineering, so I can become an engineer and part-time author. The inspiration for my project came from everyday experience; how many times before have I seen people (including family) speed through a red light because they thought it was still yellow? For future investigations, I would like to test a more variety of intersections, as well as intersections in different cities. For other students thinking about doing a project, I suggest that they do a project based on a significant issue; either to their city, health, or the environment.

Joana Alhegagi

Are Yellow Traffic Light Times Set Correctly?
Ville:Ottawa , ON
École:Henry Munro M.S.
Sommaire:Kinematics formulas are used to compare stop and go distances in five intersections to determine if yellow traffic lights are set correctly. Yellow traffic lights are not set correctly because the stop distances were greater than the go distances, which created an area which I refer to as the danger zone. If yellow traffic light times were increased, then the danger zone would be erased.