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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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I have an interest in science, mainly electronically and some of my hobbies are in model rocketry, taking things apart to see how they work and trying to improve some basic devices if possible. I love robotics, but since I don't have more than a beginners knowledge I don't do it much. On my free time I also love to build all sorts of things from toy boats, motor propelled glider planes to motorized cars. I'm even working on a fighting robot now, but I'll still need help on the remote controll wiring and inner workings. I've won the creativity award for hands on projects 4 years in a row in Piet Plessis Elementary School in South Africa. I'm planning to go to university to study in the field of electrical engineering and I'm going to try to reach my full potential. There are many things that I'm working on, but I chose this project since it's practical and it holds a lot of potential that still hasn't been discovered or used. So I decided to let the world know that you can save on fuel without losing power since it comes from nature.

Pieter Luttig

Go Green Be Clean
Region:Prairie Valley
City:Wolseley, SK
School:Wolseley H.S.
Abstract:Losing money? Why not install a hydrogen generator? By making hydrogen gas from water and then injecting it into the engine you use less fuel. Since you are generating power from the sun and the wind to run it, you're actually saving while not using any power. In the end you get cleaner emissions, better mileage and free power. What's not to get?