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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Robin Matchett, an honours student, attends Pretty River Academy in grade 11, in Collingwood, Ontario. He has always been interested in science and sports. Robin won the Hydro One Energy Ambassador Award for his science fair project on stealth technology. Earlier this year, Robin’s basketball team at Pretty River Academy won first place in Ontario at the OFFSA Championships. Additionally, Robin won the Sports Award for his sports abilities and sportsmanship at his grade 8 graduation. Robin finds inspiration in nature. The past 2 summers, he has embarked on a one month canoe trip down several rivers, ending last time on James Bay. Robin is also an accomplished skier, and has won gold medal awards at Osler Ski Club. Robin became interested in planes when searching for a science fair topic. He then discovered stealth planes, and found a website on an optics experiment, modeling his project around that in relation to stealth technology. He intends to expand his project applications to modern architecture, and possibly become an architect one day. Robin’s advice to other students is to plan ahead, thoroughly research, and be very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Creatively thinking outside the box in the applications is paramount.

Robin Matchett

The Secret to Stealth Technology
Region:Simcoe County
City:Wasaga Beach, ON
School:Pretty River Academy
Abstract:This project explores how light reflects off of various 3-D geometric objects, made from different colours and materials. The experiment performed ties directly into stealth technology and how it works. There is also the possibility that the science behind stealth technology can be used as an application to modern architecture.