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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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I am Alexandria Schraenkler, studying in Grade 8 at St. Michael’s Catholic School in Douglas, Ontario. I enjoy a variety of hobbies and interests such as sports, science, math and nature. Last year I won the Science Award at school and am also very active in all school extra-curricular sports and sports within my community. My favourite sport is soccer. Last year Team won the Championship, and I was voted Most Committed Player by my team. My science fair project from last year was my inspiration as well as the household problems I see at home. I hope to do more experiments with this project over a longer time period to achieve more measureable results. My advice for anyone thinking about a project is they should come up with an experiment that relates to them and they will enjoy while completing it. I also believe that they should never give up if something bad arises, they should work though it looking up further research if needed. I love animals, and enjoy many hours with my dog Penny. She has made me realize I truly want to become a vet when I grow up.

Alexandria Schraenkler

Caution-Corrosive: Is This Your Water?
Region:Renfrew County
City:Douglas, ON
School:St. Michael's E.S.
Abstract:In my project I am testing whether the Potential Hydrogen and hardness of water affects common household items. Knowing how poorly my tap water affected the rising of my bread in last year’s experiment; I wondered how it affects other common household products as well. I see mineral build up on the kitchen countertops and metal taps, as well our plants die.