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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Jenna - Jenna Wong is a Grade 7 student at Toronto French School. She is a competitive swimmer with the Toronto Swim Club at the provincial level. She also competes for the school’s gymnastics (both rhythmic & artistic), cross-country, and track & field teams. Committed to school life, she is also involved with their Classics club and percussion group. Musically inclined, she has achieved her Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 piano certification, and is working on her Grade 5 violin certification. In 2011, she had the privilege to receive the following awards: Gauss Math contest – Certificate of Distinction in Grade 7, International Math Kangaroo competition – Certificate of Achievement Grade 6, TFS Cum Laude Award, TFS Award of Honour – Visual Arts, TFS Award of Honour – Mathematics, and TFS Award of Honour – Social Sciences.
Olivia - My name is Olivia Gardam. I am 12 years old. I was born in Toronto and have lived here my whole life. I attend the Toronto French School and am completely bilingual as my maternal family is French and my paternal family is English. One of my main interests is dance. I have been in dance competitions, participated in the youth day show on television and have won the choreography competition at my dance studio. I do charity work like donating cans to the harvest food bank. My favorite book series are the Hunger Games and reading is one of my most-liked activities. I am a vegetarian and am allergic to gluten as well. I like to write stories and I am told that I have a good sense of humor. I am interested in journalism and hope some day to be involved in it for my future career. My favorite subject in school is science and I am so honored to get the opportunity to participate in the Canada Wide Science Fair. My science partner and I are very excited to go to Prince Edward Island and learn more about science.

Jenna Wong, Olivia Gardam

Geotropism and Red Kidney Beans
City:Toronto, ON
School:Toronto French School
Abstract:Our purpose was to study the effect of gravity on plants. A vertically-oriented, slow-moving wheel was used to simulate microgravity. Red kidney bean seedlings were placed in different orientations. Over a period of 9 days, plant growth and stem curvatures were measured and recorded with the aid of a time-lapse video. Our results found gravity to have a profound effect on plant growth.