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ESPC 2012 - Charlottetown (Ile-du-Prince-Édouard)

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Jiayin - My name is Jiayin Huang. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I go to a specialized science and math program called TOPS. I enjoy variety of things, such as reading, watching videos, and playing computer games. I do not enjoy sports requiring the use of projectiles that have large amounts of kinetic energy. The idea for the topic of my project, the ultimate fate of the universe, from a couple of different places. It came from the short story "The Last Question", and also from the energy virus in "Ed Stories".
Benson - My name is Benson Wan, and I go to TOPS, a specialized program for the sciences. I volunteer regularly, in activities ranging from selling Christmas Trees for Scouts, or proctoring entrance exams. I like math and science, and any logical activities, including chess and Starcraft 2. After high school, I plan on pursuing a Life Sciences course somewhere, and then becoming a specialized physician. I have had awards for doing well in math contests such as the CNML, Gauss, and Euler. Some fun experiences that I have had include the Toronto Wide Science Fair, a week-long camp at Halliburton, and paintballing with friends. I got inspiration from my project, "The Ultimate Fate of Our Universe" while watching TV, on the Discovery Channel, specifically, "Through the Wormhole, With Morgan Freeman". The NASA website also drew me into this topic. I plan on studying physics and cosmology throughout and after highschool. I also plan on following the NASA website for more information on the fate of our universe. Advice to other students would be to find a really interesting and great topic, and investigate thoroughly for the best results, without forgetting about presentation and display. Remember to have lots of fun!

Jiayin Huang, Benson Wan

The Ultimate Fate of Our Universe
Ville:Toronto, ON, North York, ON
École:Marc Garneau Collegiate
Sommaire:The ultimate fate of the universe is considered. Factors that affect it and various theories are explained. Space-time curvature, the expansion rate of the universe, and the energy density of the universe all determine how the universe will end. There are still many mysteries about dark matter and dark energy.