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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Bram Monson. I am thirteen years old, and I attend a private school for boys. My favourite subjects are Math, English, Gym and Art. One of my hobbies is video games, and this inspired me to conduct my science project on caffeine and its effects on video game scores. It was a good feeling to come up with a scientifically interesting result. I would encourage other students who are interested in science to pursue subjects to which they have a personal connection or to which they can relate. It really makes the process more enjoyable. Another one of my interests is architecture. I spend endless amounts of my free time sketching houses and buildings and coming up with floor plans. Almost every weekend I go biking or walking to discover new areas in Toronto with houses and buildings that have interesting architectural features. I have spent time with well-known Toronto architects to learn about their profession, review my portfolio and view some of the work that they have done. I think kids can learn a lot, especially out of school, from these types of interactions with adults who also are passionate about their work.

Bram Monson

The Effect of Caffeine On Video Game Scores
City:Toronto, ON
School:Sterling Hall School of Toronto
Abstract:Eighty-one middle-school students played 2 video games (IShootTurkey and FruitNinja) before and after ingesting either DietCoke or caffeine-free DietCoke. Greater improvement was seen in subjects’ IShootTurkey scores after DietCoke versus caffeine-free DietCoke (114.5 vs 7; p<0.01). FruitNinja scores were not affected.The results suggest that caffeine improves video game scores and reaction time.