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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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The inspiration to to my project was created when someone had broken in my dads car and stolen my dads stereo while he was on a business trip. I had this idea to put a camera in a dash board of a car, it was at first just a plan. Then my dad told me it was a good idea. I wanted there to be a way I could see who was in the car without actually being there. My innovation is something that could be sold in the market. It would be better if there was a car model created for this design so it would fit the best. with this product I am hoping to change the way security is known.

Sheldon Hachey

Sécurité d'auto
Region:Conseil scolaire acadien provincial
City:Halifax, NS
School:École Secondaire du Sommet
Abstract:This innovation is a way to further advance car security. I wish that my invention will slowly grow till every car has this amazing safety feature. My goal is to stop criminals and create a safer environment for our future.