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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Hi my name is Siobhan Bligh and i have lived in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut for 14 years. i got the inspiration when someone in the community died of a stroke and one of the elders of the town told me she has seen more stroke in the arctic then heart attacks. I plan to investigate this further by finding statisics and by personal experience. My adive to other students is not to wait for the last day to finish, finish early and you will feel alot better.

Siobhan Bligh

Umahiqi: A Study of Stroke in Nunavut
City:Cambridge Bay, NU
School:Kiilinik H.S.
Abstract:My study was about strokes and why they are more common in Nunavut then in the rest of Canada. Also looking at what are some of the risk factors that might cause strokes in Nunavut.