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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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I am a fourteen-year-old Grade 8 student from Timmins, Ontario. My current interests include playing the violin, the piano and most recently the clarinet. This has provided me with many opportunities to play in public functions such as Youth Orchestra and School Band. I also enjoy sports such as cross-country running, swimming, and basketball. I love animals and have just started volunteering for our local Humane Society. I enjoy researching and learning in general and I hope to pursue a career in medicine. I became interested in placebos after watching a TED Talk segment about placebos and the power of the mind. I also wondered about the Power Balance bracelets and the claims that the marketers make regarding these bracelets. I then realized the connection between the Power Balance bracelets and the placebo effect. My study tried to further investigate this connection. If I were to conduct my experiment again I would include longer trials with the bracelets as well as subjective measures of the participants opinions on the bracelets effectiveness. The advice I would give to another student, would be to pursue a subject of interest and try to learn as much as possible on this specific subject.

Jenna Wilson

The Power in You
City:Timmins, ON
School:R. Ross Beattie Senior P.S.
Abstract:I thought that if the subjects believed that Power Balance bracelets would improve their balance and flexibility there would be measurable differences in their perfomance. Although my results were not as expected, I questioned people’s belief in the effectiveness of such bracelets. Further research indicated that we need to utilize the power of placebos to assist standard medicine.