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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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I race horses and play hockey. Hi, my name is Cassie Penfold and I am a 14 year old girl. Currently attending HSS (Hazelton Secondary School), I like all subjects. I also enjoy the outdoors. As stated above, I pro-rodeo and my specialties are pole-bending and barrel-racing. The year of 2010 was an excellent year as I came in 2nd in British Columbia for barrel-racing. The year after that, 2011, I came in the top 5 in British Columbia for barrel racing. My horse's name is Tabu and he is 17 years old. I play hockey as well. I am on a regional Bantam girls Rep team. This year we came 2nd in Britsh Columbia, in tier one (the best tier). Other sports are also interesting to me. I enjoy playing volleyball, badminton, and sometimes soccer. This is going to be my first Canada-Wide Science fair . The regional was my first regional fair. I am looking forward to the up-coming experience.

Cassie Penfold

Soap vs. Mold
Region:Pacific Northwest
City:New Hazelton, BC
School:Hazelton Secondary
Abstract:My project investigates how the application of soap will effect the growth of mold on cheese. I wondered if anti-bacterial soap would prevent the growth of mold on cheese. I also wondered if normal liquid handsoap would do the same thing. I found out that regular soap prevents more mold growth than anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soapprevent most mold as well, just not all mold.