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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Marissa - My name is Marissa Sarrazin. I attend Collège Notre-Dame high school in Sudbury and my favorite subject is biology and law. Out of school, I like to play sports, such as track and field, tennis, volleyball and more and also participate in mock trial. When I graduate from high school, I hope to study sciences or maybe even become a lawyer someday. Last year, being able to participate at cwsf in Toronto, gave me the opportunity to learn and become a better public speaker. It gave us the chance to know what to look forward to in PEI. Our project this year is how functional foods affect glucose uptake. We got this inspiration because last year after CWSF my partner was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We wanted to find something to diminish glucose uptake because diabetes affects many of us. One thing we learned was to never give up on your dreams and always give your 100% at all times.
Sophie - My name is Sophie Lamoureux. I attend Collège Notre-Dame high school and my favorite subject is biology and health care. Out of school, I like to play sports, such as hockey, soccer, badminton, softball, volleyball and more. I also like to draw, write, sing and spend time with my family and friends when I have spare time. I like volunteering at the hospital and other places that help me lend a hand to my community. When I graduate from high school, I hope I get to study sciences and health courses to get me into medical school where I hope to become a pediatrician or something in the science or medical field. My first year doing the regional science fair, my partner and I did a project revolving the memory. This year, we focused ourselves on photosynthesis and how the color of light affects it. We worked very hard and our hard work and determination paid off! We love science and this has allowed us to further enhance our knowledge on science based concepts that interest us. We are blessed to have this opportunity and we hope to take advantage of it and better ourselves as science lovers and people.

Marissa Sarrazin, Sophie Lamoureux

Comment les aliments fonctionnels affectent-ils la consommation du glucose?
City:Coniston, ON, Sudbury, ON
School:Collège Notre-Dame
Abstract:Le diabete s'agit d'une maladie liée à une défaillance de régulation de la glycémie. Au courant de l'expérience, nous allons injecter des aliments fonctionnels dans des cellules musculaires et des cellules cancéreuses du colon afin d'observer s'il y aura une absorption de glucose ou un effet sur ce dernier. Lorsqu’injecté, avec une teinte fluorescente, nous pouvons observer le niveau de sucre dans les cellules.