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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Josh lives in a small village called Naramata, just north of Penticton. One of Josh’s favourite activities is playing basketball. In the summer months, Josh likes wakeboarding and waterskiing on Okanagan Lake. Josh is currently in grade seven in his second year of the French Immersion program at KVR Middle School. For a future career, Josh is considering working as a physics teacher or maybe an engineer. The idea for his current project came from wondering about ways to save electricity around the home. He thought about and realized that the incandescent light bulbs give off heat which might mean the furnace would not work as hard, so he developed an experiment to test his theory. Josh’s advice for anyone thinking of doing a science fair project would be to do more than just two or three trials. You want your results to be accurate. Josh is very excited to be participating in his first national science fair and is thrilled to be able to travel to the opposite side of the country, where he has never been before.

Joshua Gowe

The Heat Is On
Region:Central Okanagan
City:Naramata, BC
School:KVR Middle School
Abstract:This experiment explored whether leaving lights on all day affected how much the furnace ran and its impact on the electrical bill. A data logger tracked when the furnace operated. Every five days, a different set of lights ran all day to see how furnace usage was impacted. After each set of tests, the data was averaged, revealing which lights are best to leave on.