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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Shivan - I am a grade 12 student at the Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School. The idea for our project came from our group of friends discussing about metric time at school. We then made many programs which depicted the feasibility of using metric time in our daily lives. I learned C++ and Java in grade 9. Since then, I have been making many different challenging programs which include parallel threading, rendering rich graphics, etc. Other than programming, I have a great passion for volunteering as well. I have spent more than 250 hours actively volunteering at the Math tutorials at my school and at the “Surrey Hospice Society & Fire Fighters Community Thrift Store”. I have been achieving perfect grades in high school with a 100% in Chemistry 11, 99% in Physics 11, 99% in Math 11, 100% in Chemistry 12, 100% in Physics 12, and 99% in Math 12. I am going to do Computer Engineering at UBC, and hopefully pursue a career in a related field.
Wyatt - I am in grade 12 and attend Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary in Cloverdale, British Columbia. My hobbies include mountain biking, skiing and reading. In September I will be going to UBC to study engineering with the goal of becoming an electrical engineer. At school I have received awards in Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies and Electronics. I was on the winning team at the Junior Physics Engineering Competition at UBC. The inspiration for my project came while talking with my friends. Any further investigation for my project would include broadening our audience so that our idea can take hold. A piece of advice that I would give to students is to start their projects early and not procrastinate because it takes a long time to complete things, even if it seems like a simple task. Rushed projects will not do as well as those that have been well thought out.

Shivan Goyal, Wyatt Gronnemose

Time 2.0, A Much Needed Update
Region:South Fraser
City:Surrey, BC
School:Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary
Abstract:Our project is a "metric" or base 10 clock. That means that a day is split into 10 sections (or hours) and each of those 10 hours is split into 100 parts (or minutes) and each of those minutes is split into 100 parts again (seconds). Counting and measuring time this way is much easier. Our project has programs illustrating the use of this clock.