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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Devika - My name is Devika Vishwanath. I am in grade eight at Seaquam Secondary in Delta, BC. My favorite subjects are Math and Science and I especially love Physics. I was also selected to participate in "Math Stretch" as well as "Math Celebrations" by our school district last year. I play the piano and flute and have played in the school band and in our community orchestra. My love for music got me the music award in grade seven, so I think it's only natural that I started wondering about the physics behind the vibrating strings of musical instruments. My research on it took me on a journey and finally brought me here. I have also been learning Indian classical dance for eight years and do stage performances. My other interests include track and field, volleyball, basketball, hiking and reading. I was in student council, volunteered for The Heart and Stroke Foundation, won silver last year in our regional science fair, and plan to become an Astrophysicist. The secret of doing a great science project is to never let go of your curiosity. We all have more questions than answers, so never stop researching.
Nadine - I am Nadine Yehiya from Seaquam Secondary in Delta, BC. I am a Grade 8 student. I enjoy drawing, reading, music and movies. I also love Figure skating. In sports I have participated in many track and field events. Also I have been in the school Volleyball and Basketball teams since Grade 4. At school, I am in the Student Council, Reading Link Challenge and Recycling Club. I have attended Math Celebration Competitions and currently take Math Challenge in school. My favorite subjects are Social Studies and Science. I hope one day I will be able to go into the field of Medicine. We do have many ideas cooking in our brains, which we want to put into practice when we get a chance. As for advice for other students, all I can say is always try to think of ways to improve our lives through science and if you have any bright ideas don’t keep it to yourself. Try to put them into practice and share with others. Some might turnout good!

Devika Vishwanath, Nadine Yehiya

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Region:South Fraser
City:Delta, BC, Surrey, BC
School:Seaquam Secondary
Abstract:Vibrating strings of musical instruments intrigued us. So we set out to research on what factors affected their frequencies. We designed our own device for the experiment. This isn't "string theory", but we soon realized, it's almost as bad! Physics is a beautiful city that looks like Las Vegas from the outside. But when you enter it, it turns into the Amazon forest!