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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Tamara Radovic and I am presently in eighth grade, studying in Aurora Charter School. I was born and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. In my early childhood, till now, I started with ballet and gymnastics. Currently I am enrolled in grade 5 piano class of music school. In my school life, I am a member of the Student Council Board and organize small events for the elementary students. In my community, I am part of "Run for the Cure" event that happens every year. In 2009, my team and I received second place at the Science Olympics, which is an annual event in Edmonton. My project “Powerful Waste” was motivated by my grade six project about wind turbines. The environment always had a place in my heart and I thought of doing a project that might essentially help the environment. I plan to keep doing research on any potential types of eco-friendly systems. I really want my peers or anyone to take something away from this project. It’s not just another science fair project; it is a system that may shape our society’s most important energy generation.

Tamara Radovic

Powerful Waste
City:Edmonton, AB
School:Aurora Charter School
Abstract:My experiment is on a new and alternative way of creating electricity. One way of creating renewable energy is by using a microbial fuel cell that directly converts organic matter to electricity by using bacteria. In Canada around 5% of electricity is used for water and wastewater infrastructure. In conclusion, by using solution that is electrochemically active we will be able to abstract electrical energy.