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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Joshua - My name Is Joshua Thomas Mousseau. I'm from Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nations. I'm a Grade 11 student at Issac Beaulieu Memorial. When I graduate I want to work as an Autobody Mechanic. In my spare time I work on Restoring Chevy trucks. I do the body work and upgrade them with new parts. But most of the time I like to spend time with my son. The inspiration for this project is first we did our science fair in our school. I did a project all by myself and Dakota did one on his own too. Then We Put our projects together because mine is based on Voltage and direct current with Magnetic Fields and on Dakotas Project he Changed The Temperature Of The Magnet By making boiling in a Becker with Chip rocks And Cools it with Water And Ice , Thats how we came up with Running temperature because It's a running electric motor while were changing the Temperature of a magnet
Dakota - My name is Dakota Roulette. I am a Grade 10 student at Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School. My favorite subject is math. I enjoy most sports, especially badminton, volley ball, floor hockey and baseball. After I graduate from high school, I plan to study politics and First Nations Self Government. The inspiration for this project came from projects my friend and I did for our school science fair. My project studied the effect of temperature on the strength of a magnet. My friend did a project on electric motors. We decided to put our ideas together and find out if changing the temperature of the magnet had any effect on the rate of spin and the voltage produced by the motor.

Joshua Mousseau, Dakota Roulette

Running Temperature
Region:Manitoba First Nations
City:Marius , MB, Sandy Bay, MB
School:Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School
Abstract:Our project studies how changing the temperature of the magnet inside the motor affects the performance of an electric motor. We built several small engines, then tested them with magnets at different temperatures. The rate of spin was measured with a laser tachometer.We found that the lower the temperature of the magnet the faster the rate of spin .