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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Patrick Sem is a twelve-year old in Grade 7 attending Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School. His first science project in Grade 5 "Does changing the amount and length of time a hamster is exposed to light affect it's sleeping pattern?" won him a gold medal. Always curious, he wondered why solar and wind energy were not collected at the same time. He noticed giant windmills under a sunny sky looking out the car window driving to Vermont. He enjoys playing many sports such as: soccer, badminton, basketball, volleyball and ball hockey. He played the French Horn in the band at his school. He competed in both Violin and Chinese-speaking competitions yearly since 5 years of age. He enjoys travelling with his family around the world, to places including: Spain, France, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, China and Italy. He plans to become a cardiac stress lab doctor. Thanks and have a nice day!

Patrick Sem

What is the optimal design to harness wind, solar & thermal energy?
City:Richmond Hill, ON
School:Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School
Abstract:Why is wind, solar, and thermal energy not collected at the same time? A simple electrolysis device was built to find the best circuit design to produce the most hydrogen by electrolysis. After ten tests, two solar panels in a parallel circuit connected to one windmill in a series circuit produced the most hydrogen. Surprisingly, cooling was better than heating the electrolysis device.

Awards Value
Excellence Award - Junior
Bronze Medal
Sponsor: Nuclear Waste Management Organization
Western University Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: Western University
$1 000.00
Total$1 300.00