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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Murray Clements and I attend Forest Heights Community school and I am currently in grade 11. I live in small town Blandford , Nova Scotia, on a hobby farm with my sister, mom, and dad. on our farm we have rabbits, chickens, horses, and many other animals including sheep, which is where i got the inspiration for my science fair project. i have been involved in 4-H for 9 years. 4-H has taught me many skills like presenting myself with confidence and being a leader in my community. These skills (and many others) will help me throughout my life. I love the outdoors and being in it I am an avid outdoorsman as well as being part of the Nova Scotia Anglers and Hunters federation. When i graduate from high school I am planning on pursuing a career in the veterinary medicine field. To further investigate my project I will be observing whether or not the Ectoparasities are still present after we clean the barn out and close our flock (not introduce any new sheep) next year. To anybody else thinking about approving this topic i would recommend gathering more information by talking to more vets.

Murray Clements

The Case of the Itchy Sheep: Ovine Ectoparasitism
Region:South Shore
City:chester, NS
School:Forest Heights Community School
Abstract:My project is about ectoparasities in sheep. Specifically the effects of the parasites on muiltiple lamb bearing ewes to single lamb bearing ewes and also rams and not pregnant ewes. We did specific tests to the suspected ectoparasites on the sheep and used index's to, measure percent of wool loss, itching and body condition.