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ESPC 2012 - Charlottetown (Ile-du-Prince-Édouard)

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Emma - My name’s Emma, and I’m from Bridgewater, NS. I’m active in my school’s basketball team, senior, beginner, and jazz bands, and track and field. I play five instruments and I love writing music. I love to read and I have a little sister. I’m very involved with Scouting here in Bridgewater. I also volunteer at the YMCA. I love my dogs so much. Abby, a Labrador Retriever-Husky mix, and Sully, a Springer Spaniel. That’s why I was so enthused when my dad suggested the idea for a project in which I test their intelligences. Sometime, I hope to test more dogs. Hopefully with even more different factors- like more dogs who are not fixed. Advice I can give to anyone who is considering or who is doing a project- don’t procrastinate. We didn’t, and I’m so glad. It’s a lot of work to do the day before. And remember; pick a topic that interests you. It’s a lot easier when it’s something you’re passionate about.
Miranda - Hi! I am Miranda Cook a grade 8 student from Hebbville Academy on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. At school, I play the saxophone in the Senior, Jazz, and Beginner Concert bands, and I also play on the basketball team. I have been a 4-H member for 7 years in the Hill n'Dale 4-H Club. I take the Dog Project with my dog, Maggie. I have won Grand Champion 4-H Provincial Pre-Novice Dog Obedience and the Grand Champion 4-H Provincial Double Demonstration. I enjoy playing the piano, doing gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling. I am doing my science project with my best friend, Emma Sutherland on K-9 IQ - How Smart Is My Dog? We did this project to end the constant battle to see whose dog is smarter. We decided to expand it and see if breed, sex, spayed or not, or age had an effect on a dog's intelligence. For further testing we would have the owners bring the dogs to us so we can control the variables such as young children, other animals and distracting noises. Advice we would give give other students is to know your topic and pick a topic you are passionate about.

Emma Sutherland, Miranda Cook

K-9 IQ "How Smart Is My Dog?"
Région:South Shore
Ville:Camperdown, NS, Hebbs Cross, NS
École:Hebbville Academy
Sommaire:The project we chose to do was to test a variety of dogs and see how their scores compared to each other and that of a list of intelligent dogs. We wanted to investigate how different factors in dogs might affect test results. Some factors considered included gender, age, breed, and energy.