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ESPC 2012 - Charlottetown (Ile-du-Prince-Édouard)

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I have always been interested in scientific research; the many more possibilities opened up by each new discovery that can potentially improve the world inspire me to conduct research, such as the ecological research project I am presenting at the science fair this year. Besides research, I pursue my passion in math and science and challenge myself through participating in competitions; I have received many awards in math, physic, biology, chemistry and computer science. I actively participate in extracurricular activities; some of my roles include executive of Interact Club, sports medicine trainer and peer tutor. I also love fine arts; for over a thousand hours of training in music and visual arts in high school, I will be awarded the Fine Arts Certificate upon graduation by Calgary Board of Education. For students who are interested in doing a project, please never give up. Even though science can be challenging and unpredictable, determination can help people to reach their goals.

Chang Su

"Pineing" for the Future
Région:Calgary Youth
Ville:Calgary, AB
École:Western Canada Senior High School
Sommaire:”Pineing” for the Future assesses the effectiveness of assisted migration of pitch pine past its northern limit to mitigate the impact of climate change. At Petawawa Research Forest, morphology of the non-local species, pitch pine, and local species, jack and red pine, was evaluated and analyzed. The results suggest that assisted migration of pitch pine to central Ontario is viable and ecologically and economically valuable.

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