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ESPC 2012 - Charlottetown (Ile-du-Prince-Édouard)

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Atulya Madhavan has been described as "the smartest student at Sir Winston Churchill high school", mainly, by himself. His passion for books and comics was born before himself and estimates suggest he knows more about Japanese mangas than their authors. He is best known for boring people with his conversation on "immune factors" and is the only one who understands Maxwell's equation. He is also thought to be the greatest soccer and cricket player in all of Calgary by literally one person. When playing mental combat sports such as chess, his mind is said to be so powerful that the board often flips over. He intends to become the world's greatest ophthalmologist someday. Atulya is still unaware of the existence of "Sesame Road".

Atulya Madhavan

Innate Immune Responses to Oncolytic Virotherapy
Région:Calgary Youth
Ville:Calgary, AB
École:Sir Winston Churchill High School
Sommaire:The in vitro study of the nature of a macrophage immune response triggered by Myxoma virus being utilized as an oncolytic virus for the treatment of glioma cells. It was hypothesized that the immune response would be antiviral; however, during experimentation, the immune response also displayed highly cytotoxic properties and eliminated the majority of the glioma cells. The study displayed promising developments in cytotoxic immunotherapy.