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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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I currently attend school at the secondary 4 level at Laval Liberty High School. I plan to enter the field of health sciences in cegep, hopefully at Marianopolis or Vanier college. I am interested in the human body and how it functions, and I plan to stride for a career in specialized fields such as gastroenterology, cardiology or pathology. My main inspiration behind my project was my grandmother, who died of a resistant infection while fighting pancreatic cancer. I like to attend greek dancing lessons; and greek saturday school for 3 years aswell as greek primary school. Prizes I have won include: Bronze at the Montreal Regional science fair 2009, Bronze at the Montreal Regional science fair 2010, Gold at the 2012 Montreal Regional Science Fair, Mcgill faculty of science award, Silver IRSC Medal at the Quebec Super expo sciences 2012, and acceptance to national and international science fairs in PEI and Abu Dhabi. The Science fairs give me amazing insight on how amazing the world of health science is, and are one of the primary reasons why my curiosity sparked towards this field.

John Marinos

Pills on your plate?
City:Laval, QC
School:École secondaire Laval-Liberty
Abstract:In this experiment, bacteria from 10 beef samples from different local sources were cultured in petri dishes. After the growth of the cultures, 3 different antibiotics were added to the culture to test the meat bacteria’s resistance. Using the Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion method, the diameter of the zone of inhibition was measured. The results were then compared to those of an organic meat sample.