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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Hao-Lun - I'm Hao-Lun Hsu, coming from Taiwan. I'm glad to visit Canada for a fantastic trip. My project is to research chloroplast membrane cells of undergrowth plants. Undergrowth plants can live under big trees. There is just a little sunshine but they still thrive. So, we think that they could produce energy more efficiently. In our project, undergrowth plant cells are really more efficient. In the future, I will focus on how to prrolong the life of cells. Besides, the project is really time-consuming. My partner and I spent half a year on it. Therefore, patience is necessary.
Shih-Ting - My name is Shih-Ting,Hsu ,and my English name is Guava.That is because oh a interesting story when I was seven-year-ago.I believe that I am a kind person and very easy to get along with.I hope that I can learn lots of things and make many friends in this fair.

Hao-Lun Hsu, Shih-Ting Hsu

Thylakoid-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Shade Plants and Sunny Plants
Region:Taiwan, R.O.C.
City:Yilan, , Yilan County,
Abstract:Shade plants live with little sunshine, but they still thrive. Therefore, we aim at discussing the Thylakoid-Sensitized Solar Cell of shade plants. The result indicates that among shade plants plants, Callicarpa formosana (Formosan Beauty-berry) is the best plant for cell. Its photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 0.3%.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada