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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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My name is Amber Nichole Figueira. I live in Thunder Bay, ON. I am 13 years old. This is my first regional science fair. I currently am in Gr.8 at Pope John Paul II school. I love to swim, and hang out with my friends. I'm a participant in many teams at my school. I volunteer at the soup kitchen frequently. I decided to do my experiment on temperature effects on magnets when I needed some magnets I had to work better, and have an idea for the science fair at the same time. I plan to try my experiment again with my own magnets and also to learn more about magnets in general- who knows, I might be a scientist someday and have to judge a project about magnets. For people who want to do a project, do it! It's so much fun and rewarding, if you can't think about an idea try to just look around, sometimes it comes to you when you don't expect it. You may not think you will do good but neither did I and look at me!

Amber Figueira

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Region:Northwestern Ontario
City:Thunder Bay, ON
School:Pope John Paul II Senior E.S.
Abstract:My project was to test the strength of magnets under different temperatures. I first glued three magnets into 3 tin cans and cut a hole to insert pennies. I dipped one magnet in hot water, another in ice-cold water, and had a room-temperature as my base magnet strength. I found that cold increased, while heat decreased, the strength. All I needed was my research.