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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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Jordan - Hello, my name is Jordan Knife and I am from the Ahtahkakoop First Nation which is located in Central Saskatchewan. I enjoy playing sports like soccer andvolleyball. In school my favorite subjects are science and math. I did my project on Water Quality, because i wanted to find out what is in our school drinking water. I wanted to find out why our fountain water tastes different from purified water. I also want to know what minerals and chemicals are in the school water. My advice to other students would be prepare for a lot of time after school reserching data and gathering information.
Noshen - My name is Noshen Ahenakew. I am 13 years old and from Ahtahkakoop First Nation. My hobbies and interests include playing soccer and broomball. My favorite subjects in school are physical education and I.A. I enjoy working with my hands to build things and hope to continue that in the future. I was inspired to work on a project dealing with water quality because of all the complaints I hear from other students in the school about the water. It was a great experience and I encourage other students to get involved in science fairs. It' s a lot of hard work and dedication but very interesting along the way. I learned a lot of new information that I did not expect too.

Jordan Knife, Noshen Ahenakew

Quality of Water
Region:Saskatchewan First Nations
City:Shell lake, SK, canwood, SK
School:Ahtahkakoop School
Abstract:We did our project on the Quality of Water. We tested our school drinking fountain water, tap water and also purified water. We did 7 different tests to find out if the water we drink is safe and what it contains. The idea was to find out why purified water tastes different than the school fountain water.