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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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Maks - My name is Maks Andrejczuk, I am half English, and half Ukrainian on my father’s side. I was born near Vancouver, B.C. but my family and I moved to our current residence in Wasaga Beach, Ontario when I was seven. I live on lakeside property, in a house my dad, my brother and I built ourselves. Blue Mountain is my local ski hill, and I ski on it every day I can in the winter season. I am enrolled in the gifted learning program at my school, Mountain View, in Collingwood. I have been successful with many engineering projects, but this is the first time I have progressed to the national level. I hope to pursue a career in engineering and technology. My partner, Lyle Porter and I came up with our idea for the Storm Raider in the summer. Lyle owns two “really cool” dirtbikes, and we both love winter sports, so we decided we would take dirt-biking into the winter. “Next Steps” for us would be to refine our prototype, upgrade the components, and run more tests. If you are thinking about doing a project, go for it, it’s fun, as well as being a great learning experience.
Lyle - My name is Lyle Porter; I am half Swedish, and half Canadian. I was born in Collingwood, Ontario but I currently live in Nottawa. Maks and I got our inspiration for the Storm Raider when dirtbiking on our property. My science fair partner, Maks Andrejczuk and I both love winter and its activities and thought it would be a suitable project, as well as being something we could use. If we were to produce the Storm Raider on a large scale, we would have to improve the stability of the ski, as well as the flotation of the track. If you are trying to create an engineering project, I suggest that you don’t settle for your first idea and that you innovate.

Maks Andrejczuk, Lyle Porter

Storm Raider
Région:Simcoe County
Ville:Wasaga Beach, ON, Nottawa, ON
École:Mountain View P.S.
Sommaire:We have adapted a 125cc motorized dirtbike into a “snowbike” and we call it the Storm Raider. We have gone through many design and manufacturing stages in the evolution of our vehicle. Our year-round prototype is fully functional and we have scientifically proven through research that the Storm Raider is lighter, more economical and produces lower emissions, as well as outperforming a snowmobile in tests.