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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I found the inspiration for my project because I love to play video games and the controllers use lots of batteries. I wanted to prove scientifically how I could extend the life of batteries and keep potentially still useful batteries out of the dump. In addition to my own desire to extend battery life for games, I want to be able to help my Grannies when they hunt on the land. My Grannies both carry safety equipment that depends on batteries and I wanted to be able to help them extend the life of the batteries in case of an emergency. When I’m not a scientist: I play hockey, basketball and drive my snowmobile really fast! I think I am interested in a future career involving computers. I live in the Geographic Centre of Canada in the Canadian Arctic (and I love it), but I have travelled to Hawaii and New Zealand. I love to hunt and travel on the land, and I can’t wait to use my bow for hunting small game.

Jalen Tagoona

City:Baker Lake , NU
School:Jonah Amitnaaq S.S.
Abstract:My project focuses on battery life and on investigating whether or not we can extend a battery charge through exposure to cold or warm temperatures even when the batteries seem to have no useful charge left. My friends and I often try to extend the life of the batteries by placing them into the fridge for short periods of time.