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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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I, Lakeisha Robertson, attend grade eleven at the Bowden Grandview School. I have achieved honors in all the main courses, and enjoy many options such as computers, art, leadership, and cooking. Through my extra cirrucular activties have earned awards in karate, piano, swimming, and beginner spanish. I also enjoy hiking, reading, and playing quitar and piano. I was inspiried to complete this project through the knowledge that Canadian winters are harsh and do not allow plant growth. I completed this project in the hope of finding an alternative. If I were to continue this project in the future, I would see if natural light would work as well as the hydroponics light allowing it to be a cheaper investment for third world countries. The advice I would give to a new participant would be to plan ahead and be focused on completing the research and project by the deadlines. They should love science as it can become a lot of work. Lastly, I would just tell them to have fun.

Lakeisha Robertson

Region:Central Alberta
City:Bowden, AB
School:Bowden (Grandview) School
Abstract:My project: GROW-OPtions, focused on growing rates of plants in a hydroponics system vs. a soil system. A controlled lighting system was used for the comparison. Soil seemed to allow faster germination of the plants, but once they developed a root system hydroponics allows for faster growth.