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CWSF 2013 - Lethbridge, Alberta

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My name is Jocelyn Manley I am a grade 11 student at Riverview Rural High School in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. I play 4 sports for my high school, including Division 1 Basketball, Division 1 Rugby, Division 1 Mixed Curling and JV Soccer, I am also in the French Immersion program. I have a passion for the environment and how we can save and insure the health of the plants and animals.This interest and a discussion in Biology class brought this project to life. If given the opportunity I would expand this topic and dive into the effects on the water table and try to find out how deep the salt travels into the soil. In the future I plan to attend University, and pursue my love of science.

Jocelyn Manley

Take A Pass On The Salt
Region:Cape Breton
City:Sydney Froks, NS
School:Riverview High School
Abstract:This project addresses the effects of road salt on the environment. Road salt solutions were tested to see which solutions would affect the germination of roadside plants and could control ice build-up on the highway. The results were studied and compared to determine the concentrations that minimize the negative effects on the environment.