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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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My name is Anne, I am 15 years old and I’m turning 16 this summer. I was born in Repentigny in 1997. I’ve spent most of my life in Kuujjuaq but when I was 10, I moved to Montreal for 5 years. Then, I moved back here to live with my dad. I really like shopping with my older sister but it’s kind of hard to do that because she still lives in Montreal. I also like to bake pastries, paint my nails and do circus. Later in life I might want to be a pastry chef but I also might like to be a kinder garden teacher. The reason I wanted to look at bacteria in dogs and humans’ mouth is because my older sister did this project when she was about my age and I helped her a little bit but I never got to see the results. Therefore, I wanted to see the outcome for myself.

Anne Sequaluk

Les bactéries : chien vs humain
Région:Aboriginal Québec Autochtone
Ville:kuujjuaq, QC
École:École Jaanimmarik
Sommaire:Mon projet (Les bactéries: Chien vs. Humain) consiste à voir s'il y a plus de bactéries dans la gueule d'un chien que dans la bouche d'un humain. Dans mon expérience, j'ai pris des échantillons de salive des chiens et des humains, puis j'ai ensemencée des géloses.