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ESPC 2013 - Lethbridge (Alberta)

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Harlan - Harlan Wutzke is in grade 10. He’s involved in many sports including; hockey, soccer, track and volleyball. He’s from a small town in Saskatchewan called Dalmeny which is situated just outside of Saskatoon that has a population of approx. 2,000. He plans on taking engineering in university and hopefully would like to own his own business when he is older.
Dawson - Dawson Heggestad is 14 years old he is involved in volleyball, basketball, track and field, hockey,ball hockey footbal. In his spare time he likes to invent cool stuff, hang with friends,skateboard and snowboard. When he grows up he would like to be a professional snowboarder or an engineer.

Harlan Wutzke, Dawson Heggestad

Clean-All Pt.2
Ville:Dalmeny, SK
École:Dalmany High School
Sommaire:Clean-All is based on process developed to recycle Absorb-all in an eco-friendly matter. Absorb-all is 100% natural rock used to clean up oil or water spills. With steam we managed to remove and recover a majority of the oil originally absorbed. Heat, steam, and a machine we designed helped us achieve our goal - to greatly reduce the oil being deposited into our landfills.